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Learn about the history and mission of Hope and Healing Family Center.


Suzette Jules-Jack is the founder and CEO of Hope and Healing Family Center. In the early 1990s Mrs. Jack felt a compelling responsibility to create a non-profit organization geared towards assisting and educating underserved families. Despite this ambitious goal, Mrs. Jack wasn’t always certain about her capabilities as a leader of such an imperative organization. However, through the prayers and encouragement of family, friends, and colleagues, Mrs. Jack has been able to see HHFC plant it’s roots.


When first embarking on this journey, Mrs. Jack took on great amounts of research and education which ultimately led her to obtaining both her Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Public Administration from Metropolitan College of New York. Throughout her academic journey Mrs. Jack received mentors that gave encouragement as well as guidance on how to start and run a non-profit within this sector. Once Mrs. Jack found assurance in her role within Hope and Healing Family Center, she unfortunately lost both her mother and daughters. Despite this unfortunate circumstance, Mrs. Jack continued to garner support and encouragement. This fundamentally led to the official launch of HHFC on September 14, 2014. 

Before Mrs. Jack’s mother passed away; she shared a book that highlighted the seven principles of leadership. These guiding principles created the foundation of Hope and Healing Family Center’s values. 

Discipline: Without this essential quality, all other gifts remain as dwarfs: they cannot grow

Vision: People of vision gauge decisions on the future; the story of the past cannot be rewritten 

Wisdom: The faculty of making the use of knowledge

Decision: When all the facts are in, swift and clear decision is the mark of a true leader

Courage: Leaders require courage of the highest order

Humility: The hallmark of the spiritual leader

Integrity and Sincerity: These two qualities of leadership were part of God’s law for the Israelites (Deuteronomy 18:13)

Seven Essential Principles of Leadership

Mission: “To improve the quality of life by strengthening, empowering and educating underserved families throughout Brooklyn communities by providing services to address maternal and early childhood health disparities.”

HHFC’s vision is to provide long-term comprehensive care delivery services to the underserved populations of Brownsville, East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant and other low-income neighboring communities so they can better support themselves to a more meaningful and productive lifestyle.

HHFC provides the following services: Community Birthing Services (CBS), Case Management, Postpartum, Birth Plan Support, Physical and Emotional Support, Assistance with unmedicated births, Breastfeeding Assistance, Brownsville Breast Milk Depot, and Internship/Volunteer opportunities for college students.

Our Founder Suzette Jules-Jack