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Learn more about Brownsville breastmilk depot at HHFC

  • In good health with a surplus of breast milk

  • Using no substances such as alcohol, nicotine, enhancing herbs, etc.

  • Minimal use of medication

  • Able to go through a health history screening

  • Able to donate 100-150 oz of milk

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To donate breast milk please call ahead and stop by our office!

For steps on how to become a donor, be sure to check out our friends at The New York Milk Bank!


1420 Bushwick Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11207 Suite 348.


Office: 1 (347) 384-1494

HHFC is home to Brownsville's first and only breast milk depot. Our breastmilk depot allows approved mothers to donate their unused breast milk.


Mothers are approved to donate breast milk if they are:

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